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The right strategy and approach are the two key ingredients to successful marketing. Before you spend more on your marketing you should evaluate your stratagy and your approach.

Does your business have a web site?

More customers than every before search online when seeking services and products. If your business does not have a website, your traditional marketing efforts may be going unnoticed. Most new prospects engaged through your marketing efforts will try to read about your business online.

You need an effective website targeting your customers or you will lose them to your competitors.

Does your website help grow your business?

A business website designed to engage your customers will give you the edge over your competitors, but if potential customers cannot find it or if your competitor's web site dominates the Internet for products or services you offer you may realize limited or no value from having a website.

Internet marketing is growing very fast due to two main benefits: the marketing efforts can be measured and potential customers can be targeted more precisely. Seeing the fast growth of internet marketing spending, it is apparent that these benefits are affecting the decision on where companies spend their marketing dollars.

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